Annual Membership July 1 to June 30.

Members are the fundamental core of any club, ensuring its proud history of success continues. Our club is no exception!

Our clubís ethos is to assist bowlers to enjoy the game of bowls at the highest level according to the individualís ability and, be socially orientated.

Senior coaches assist bowlers at no charge. Loan bowls are available by arrangement  and often pre-used or demonstrator bowls are for sale. Enquire at the front desk. We can also assist with a purchase of a new set of bowls. Seek advice from a coach or management as to suitable size etc.

New members will receive a name badge, a locker (if available) and a copy of the Annual Report presented at the last AGM. Uniform kit consisting of shirt/blouse, pants and cap are available to purchase and must be worn for Pennants and, internal special competitions.

Membership fees are subject to change without notice.

For more information, please contact the Club.

The REGISTERED CLUBS REGULATION 2009 under the REGISTERED CLUBS ACT 1976 requires Club Accountability and Disclosures.

The Director of Liquor and Gaming has issued a signed notice outlining IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CLUB MEMBERS. This notice, see below, is permanently posted on the Club's noticeboard.

Clubs are required to maintain a register containing information that relates to the management and financial administration of the Club.

Reporting Financial Statements (Reg. 17). Financial statements are reported and distributed to Members within its Annual Report. Quarterly Accounts within a financial year are posted on the Club's noticeboard. Copy is available on written request to the Secretary.

Accountability and Disclosures (Reg. 18 Clause 2 (a) to (l) inclusive).


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