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Prior to the game/s the Greenkeeper advises management if unable to prepare greens owing to inclement weather. This advice is relayed to the Webmaster who accordingly changes the call icon on the website (on entry page next to the Weather Call button) if bowls is ON!ON or OFF!OFF and next to it is the date of the last update which will not change until advised of a change by Green Management in the weather status regardless of the weather of the day.

As the timing of management advice cannot be constant, computer entry change is subject to the Webmaster having computer access at any given time. It is therefore recommended that bowlers come to the Club to enjoy it's facilities or phone (02) 9327 6774 to confirm bowling status.

BOWLS NSW guidelines 

Adapted Temperature Rule

The Club has a duty of care and therefore the above temperature guidelines can be reduced to suit. That is, we need to take into consideration the age of our players and how they react to the conditions. The temperature, humidity as well as wind can be monitored (in the middle of the green for better accuracy) by the Club's scientific instrument.

Inclement weather call by Controlling Body at the respective Club venue not before 8am for AM start or 11am for PM on day of play.

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