1942 February 13, Double Bay Bowling Club Limited incorporated.

July 4, the club was officially opened by His Worship the Mayor of Woollahra in  the presence of the President of the Royal NSW Bowling Association. 

July 17, initial Club meeting. In the first year, the membership was 46, made up of 39 full members and 7 social members.

1943 March 20, first President's Day.

2000 October 4, Rose Bay Bay Bowling Club merged with Double Bay Bowling Club. The Rose Bay Bowling Club membership was 169, with 48 being women (and 19 social members). The Double Bay Bowling Club membership was 160, with 48 being women. 

October 7, membership of the two clubs met officially for the first time at a dinner at the Double Bay Club after the first joint meeting of player members on the Double Bay greens.  

2014 Member's Register continues to grow. In July, a new website was developed in-house featuring Monday, Wednesday competition results and the latest Double Bay Watch, the internal weekly newsletter. Wi-Fi Internet link was made available to members and visitors. 

2017 75th Anniversary - publication.

2018 Timber Honours Board and Office Bearer records from 1942 digitised by Director/Secretary Peter Wyner JP. Database maintained on demand with up-to-date results continuously displayed on Club's televisions. Honour Board enquiry station created to search PDF document for keyword/s on the computer.

Future mission statement. Our proactive Management is determined to attract the community at large to showcase our Club, to be informative and offer the best facilities to members and visitors. Ideas are being developed to this end and implemented as deemed appropriate to ensure Double Bay Bowling Club continues to thrive and remains "The place to be". 

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